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  Flextech company is located in Donghu Hi-Tech Development Zone in Wuhan, Hubei, China. Integrated scientific research, manufacturing and service, Flextech Company successfully listed in the Chinese NEEQ in 2016 as the world's leading smart energy manufacturer and service provider. We focus on creating a kind of industry of smart energy which is based on light, thin, flexible and competitive photovoltaic modules made with high-efficiency crystalline silicon and thin film photovoltaic materials, energy storage products and Internet of Things (IoT). Then to achieve a new world of wireless mobile energy. Flextech Company has been a well-known technology developer and supplier of mobile energy in the world with two brands“FlexSolar”and“伏来阳”spreading to 68 countries. 

       Through the "solar +" product innovation model, Flextech company has already developed mobile energy products in 6 categories: Solar outdoor, Solar Integrated Wearable, Solar Integrated Shading, Solar Integrated Transportation, Solar Agricultural,  Solar Integrated Electronics. In addition, through continuous technological breakthrough, design innovation and equipment integration, Flextech Company  realized an implementation of application extension and product structure optimization and upgrading. Flextech Company is on the way to our goal: Where there's light, there's electricity. FlexSolar makes life better.

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10 / f, building B4, future city, no. 999 gaoxin avenue, east lake high-tech zone
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