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Located in Donghu Hi-Tech Development Zone in Wuhan, Hubei, China, Flextech company focuses on the development of materials and technologies for flexible solar modules in the field of mobile energy and smart energy, also the design and production ,sales of mobile and embedded wireless energy end-use products.

Based on the flexible solar technology of “light, thin, soft, beautiful and inexpensive”,through the “solar +” product innovation model, Flextech Company has already developed mobile energy products in 6 categories: Solar outdoor, Solar Integrated Wearable, Solar Integrated Shading, Solar Integrated Transportation,Solar Agricultural,Solar Integrated Electronics. In addition, through continuous technological breakthrough, design innovation and equipment integration, Flextech Company  realized a implementation of application extension and product structure optimization and upgrading. Flextech Company is on the way to our goal: Where there's light, there's electricity. FlexSolar makes life better.

From now on, Flextech Company owns 2 brands: “FlexSolar”and“伏来阳”,as well as trademark“If There's Light, There's Electricity”. It is a well-known supplier of solar energy in the world, and its product marketing has spread to 68 countries.“伏来阳”solar charger products have twice won the “Top Ten Highlights” of the international largest photovoltaic exhibition (SNEC). At the same time, with the company's original technological advantages, Flextech has become a major supplier of energy system solutions for shared bike companies.At present, the company has applied for 79 patents, including 28 invention patents, 45 utility model patents and 6 design patents. The company has strong technical strength and rapid development. With a growth rate of 1455%, it has won 2018 Deloitte China's top 50 high-tech growth, Deloitte Optics Valley high-tech high-growth top 20, and Asia-Pacific high-tech high-growth 500.

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