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Ø    The company was founded

Ø    Konarka China's only partner;

Ø    National science and technology small and medium-sized enterprise innovation fund;

Ø    Japan《Nikkei Electronics》;



Ø   Representatives of green energy products in the world;

Ø   Malaysia's sing chau daily;



Ø  Won the talent honor of "3551 project";

Ø  Gold medal at SNEC solar show;



Ø   Won the talent honor of "thousand talents program";

Ø   Obtained the certificate of "high-tech enterprise";

Ø   Provincial science and technology key cultivation enterprises;



Ø   Won the talent honor of "project 100";

Ø   National science and technology small and medium-sized enterprise innovation fund;

Ø   Key overseas Chinese entrepreneurial team;

Ø   SNEC solar energy exhibition top 10 products award;

Ø   First member of wuhan association of overseas Chinese investment enterprises;

Ø   Obtained the "quality management system certification certificate" iso9001:2008;



Ø   Hubei "project team of 100 people";

Ø   Two projects received tens of millions of dollars in investment;




Ø   The company team once again won the "3551 project" talent honor;

Ø   Through the "high-tech enterprise" review;

Ø   Chief entrepreneur mentor of "chutian tongchuang engineering" in hubei province;



Ø   The company was successfully listed on "new third board";

Ø   Selected as one of the first "urban partners" of wuhan;

Ø   Top ten honors and awards of SNEC solar energy exhibition;



Ø   Set up a wholly owned subsidiary of hubei meige;

Ø   Set up a wholly-owned subsidiary of shenzhen huineng;

Ø   A wholly owned subsidiary of Austin Meige Tech LLC was established;

Ø   Hubei province technology innovation major special projects;

Ø   Awarded the key overseas Chinese entrepreneurial team;

Ø   Won the award of "top 10 entrepreneurial heroes" by hundreds of program experts;

Ø   Member of science and technology innovation committee of China overseas Chinese investment enterprise association;



Ø  Honor award of SNEC solar energy exhibition "ten highlights" and "One Belt And One Road" honor award;


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