Flextech Company on list of Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific 2019 Ranking
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Deloitte's 2019 Asia-Pacific High-Tech High-growth 500 results were officially announced. This year's project showcases the ranking of the 500 fastest-growing Asia-Pacific companies. Flextech Company ranked 63rd with a high revenue growth rate of 1243% in the past three years.


Flextech company is located in Donghu Hi-Tech Development Zone in Wuhan, Hubei, China. Integrated scientific research, manufacturing and service, Flextech Company is the world's leading smart energy manufacturer and service provider. We focus on creating a kind of industry of smart energy which is based on light, thin, flexible and competitive photovoltaic modules made with high-efficiency crystalline silicon and thin film photovoltaic materials, energy storage products and Internet of Things (IoT). Then to achieve a new world of wireless mobile energy. Flextech Company has been a well-known technology developer and supplier of mobile energy in the world with two brands“FlexSolarand“伏来阳”spreading to 68 countries.

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