Flextech Earns “Jade Award” Again for “FlexWatt” Products at 2024 SNEC
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Since 2023, Flextech has once more bagged the Jade Megawatt Award at the 2024 SNEC Photovoltaic Exhibition. This much-respected honor strongly attests to the company's technological prowess and innovation capacity. Thanks to its exceptional performance in the photovoltaic sector, Flextech has garnered extensive acclaim and admiration from the industry.


                                                                                              FlexWatt Product

Outstanding Showcasing at SNEC

During the three-day SNEC exhibition, the latest "FlexWatt" flexible photovoltaic module product introduced by Flextech lured numerous customers and peers. With this remarkable creation, it claimed the "Jade Megawatt Award". Additionally, Flextech was interviewed by the SNEC organizers and shared in-depth perspectives on the future development trends of flexible photovoltaics.




Unstoppable Innovation and Anticipation for the Future

Flextech is filled with unwavering confidence about the future. We will persist in independent research and development and innovation and vigorously advance the progress of photovoltaic technology. Flextech sincerely looks forward to jointly promoting the development of green energy with industry colleagues and making substantial contributions to achieving global sustainable development.

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